7 Smart Moving Tips

7 Smart Moving Tips

When it comes to moving, sometimes its smooth… but most of the time its a pain in the neck. Because you find out as you are packing that you have built a wealth of crap that you can’t fathom taking to your new place. On the other hand, unpacking can be quite a challenge as well. Especially when you can’t seem to find what you are looking for.

Here are seven smart tips to help you maintain sanity and serenity during this monumental task.

No. 1 – Make a first-day box where you will be putting everything you are going to need right away once you are in the new home. This bo will be the first to make and label and the last to place into the moving truck. In here you will place all your toiletries, any indispensable items that you cannot live without. If you have children and they need a favorite blanket/teddy to sleep, pet food and anything else that makes sense like your espresso maker or a spare set of keys for the cars or boats that you are taking with you.

No. 2 – This is the perfect time to do house cleaning and get rid of items you no longer need have double items off or are broken. If the item is in good condition or new you can always donate them for a good cause and help your community.

No. 3 – If you are a tech junkie and have wires running from one item to the next. Before you unplug anything a simple picture with your phone will eliminate the guesswork when you are installing it.

No. 4 – As you are dismantling your items. From furniture to tv wall mounts. Take a minute and label plastic bags or ziplock bags with the name if the item and place all the hardware for the item in it.

No. 5 – Lable your boxes by rooms in order to help you with the unloading process and where they are going to be placed in the new home once you get there.

No. 6 – When placing boxes into the moving van/truck remember to place liquid bottles low enough that if the bottles break nothing gets damaged and make sure there is nothing heavy onto of them as well to avoid the bottles from getting crushed.

No. 7 – All clothes that you have in hangers are to be grouped into groups that are not too heavy or bulky to carry and you are going to place the cloths with the hangers into plastic trash bags and you are done.

If you use these seven tips to move you will definitely have a better experience moving. If you have any more ideas that our readers can benefit from please post it below.


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