Bank Statement Mortgages

Bank Statement Home Mortgage

Bank Statement loan are for self-employed individuals that can’t prove their income since the borrower has a lot of tax deductions. The net income is too little to be used for a FHA or Conventional loan program.

We offer several bank statement loan programs.

  • 3-Month Bank Statement
  • 12-Month Bank Statement
  • 24-Month Bank Statement

When doing a Bank Statement mortgage, your credit score is a determining factor not only for the difrent programs but also for the rate. Often these programs are a lot more lenient than traditional loans are so we can go as low as a 600 FICO score at times.  If your financial situation makes sense today, we can lend you the money you need for a bank statement purchase loan or a refinance loan.

The Bank Statement program is not immune to credit events, but is easy on past short sales, foreclosures, or derogatory credit.

Several terms are offered for the adjustable rate mortgage and a 30 yrs. fixed mortgage. Depending on the program there may be limited terms available.

The down payment requirement varies from from program to program. But you have programs that allow as little as 10% down for purchase.

Bank statement loans usually require between 6 -12 months of payment reserves at the time of closing in your bank account. Also if your are giving a down payment of 25% or more usually we waive the reserve requirements.

We can lend on:

  • single family residences
  • condo’s
  • 1-4 unit properties

First step is to call us, a professional will ask you a couple of questions and explain how the programs work. You also have a option to complete the application online as well. Since there are a number of programs it’s best to speak or schedule an appointment with us so we can guide you in the right direction.

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